website link Green Beret safeguards their homes in a certain to make it impenetrable to thieves, criminals, and looters.

Fi le This bonus item will show you practical and proven measures you can take to make yourself safe from invasion.

Going Here Here are some of the measures;
  • How to outsmart your invaders by employing counter-ploy tactics. This involves keeping your precious items out of sight
  • Acute Situational Awareness skill you can use to always be ahead of your potential perpetrators. The skill is simple and counterintuitive and will help you keep your home safe
  • How to be proactive- this bonus item will explain why it’s downright useless to learn reactive training or how to “clear your home” after it has been broken into. Instead, the guide advocates that you learn how to prevent such scenarios from never happening by employing measures to safeguard your home
  • You’ll learn the most appropriate firearm for defending your home. Some people say that handguns are a great home-defense weapon while other people confidently say that the sound of a racking a shotgun is enough to deter terrorists from your home, but you’ll learn from the expert the right firearm to have.
  • You’ll be taught the most secure spots inside your home where you can hide your firearms so that you can access them easily in case of an emergency
  • The bonus guide will also teach you how to correct common naïve mistakes many people unconsciously make that could turn your home into a target
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