2. Setback Translation Technique
June 20, 2017
Brian Morris Spec Ops Shooting
Brian Morris is a respected Green Beret
June 20, 2017

1. Instinct Combat Shooting

Combat Shooting

This is a basic training technique that will lay the basis of advanced marksmanship. Most army personnel find themselves into attackers trap due to delayed action. ICS skill will help you beat this time lag, with excellent accuracy and high speed. The concept of ICS skill is based on the fact that your mind and body undergoes various functional and mental effects upon an encounter with a life-threatening situation. This engages the nervous system automatically by sending a signal to the brain which consequently makes you lose your fine motor skills.

All this happens because you have programmed your mind to react whenever you face a life-threatening situation. In that situation, your body switches to “survival mode” and adrenalin hormone is released making your heart beat accelerate. All these leads to loss of near and peripheral vision. This is when ICS skills come in handy thereby helping you regain muscle memory. It gives you swiftness of hands and sharpness of eyesight.

In target shooting, you are trained to focus on the front sight post, rather than the target. When learning this technique, you’ll also be taught how to line up the front and back side aperture. However, in real-life situations, adjusting your aperture is a matter of time. The ICS skill teaches you to maintain focus 100 percent on your targets.

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