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Brian Morris Spec Ops ShootingHaving served the U.S army for over 25 years, Brian Morris is a retired combat veteran who worked under the Special Forces unit as a Green Beret. His tenacity, creativity, and boldness in the battlefield and on paper have earned him not only worldwide recognition but also rise to honorable military positions. Before his retirement in 2012, he was a master sergeant.

Military Expedition

Throughout his military career, Brian Morris was at the forefront of fighting terrorism. As you may be aware, this is a menace that continues to challenge a larger percentage of the global community today. Therefore, later on after his retirement he creatively devised and published several civilian defense guidebooks. Top among them are Spec Ops Shooting and Green Beret Pocket Guide.

The books’ main objective is to enlighten non-military individuals on how to be proactive in averting or managing intrusion. In other words, they open up a reader’s mind into the world of defense. First Aid tactics, dressing gunshot wounds, fighting terrorists are tips that you get in plenty from this man’s brilliant work.

As a sergeant, Brian Morris participated severally in global conferences and toured warring hotbeds. These were especially countries that were facing leadership and terrorism crisis at the time. Notably, he was at the center of most African peace campaigns and talks in later millennial years just before he retired.

In his days as a soldier, he was deployed in Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia Lebanon whose political temperatures were very high and had consequently sparked civil clashes. There, his expertise in interrogation, gathering intelligence and proficient sniping techniques crowned him a hero of the forces.

The Final Verdict- Spec Ops Shooting

Brian Morris’ After-Retirement Chronicles

When he retired, he traveled to Afghanistan for advisory roles at the International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF). Here he worked for one year before relocating to Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) school where he became a senior instructor for three years. During his stay at the school, he was appointed Personnel Recovery Senior Analyst and in his free time cultured a writing habit. Together with his co-workers, they developed a manual on Army Special Operations Forces Resistance and Escape.

His military career has largely impacted on his mastery of popular world languages. Currently, he can speak fluent French and other cross-cultural languages despite being originally an Englishman. A few years ago, he was bestowed a degree in Homeland Security by the American Military University.

Today, Brian heads a security consulting company known as SF24 Solutions. The firm majors in threat assessment and aversion for agencies in the travel industry. On top of that, he teaches Survival Techniques at the University of American Survival Guide. He is famous for highly informative videos that cover bushcraft defense, wilderness endurance, and emergency management.

His backbreaking skills mainly manifest in hand-to-hand combat, sniping, heavy weapons administration and small unit organizational tactics. Also a few times, he has demonstrated his prowess in parachute infiltration techniques in what is commonly known as MFF (Military Free-Fall).

Parting Shot : Brian Morris

Family-wise, Brian Morris is a dad to three children and a husband. He now resides in Fort Bragg, North Carolina together with his family.

Can Brian Morris Be Trusted

Brian Morris is an acknowledged former Green Beret and an author of the widely-sought guidebook, Specs Ops Shooting among many other marksmanship books. He has a close to 25 years’ experience in handling armory, and in particular guns. The achievements, contribution, and techniques that he has shared before, portray a combative guru that you can rely on and even trust to become a better shooter. So, this post is written to basically catapult you to a better understanding of his life, defensive line and tactics. And in so doing, hone your judgment in deciding whether to trust his eBooks or not.

About Green Berets

For starters, the Green Berets are the United States Special forces with the mandate to counter terrorism, conduct reconnaissance and maintain a strong internal defense. Therefore, their training is quite rigorous since they try to indoctrinate a group of soldiers with reliable skills that are useful in the wake of an attack. Now, Brian Morris was a master sergeant of such a troop. It is that same career that gained him skills that enhanced his rise to become the celebrated combat veteran and author he is today.

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The beginning of his fortune and success rolls back to 2001 when he was first sent outside the US on a peace mission. While there, Brian developed powerful interrogative abilities, sharp intelligence gathering skills and quick emergency response tactics. These became very handy in countering terrorism in every country that the troop visited. He was therefore asked to serve as a sniper, heavy weapons manager and later after retirement, as a security expert for private organizations. It is these same skills, secrets, and tactics that he writes about in his Specs Ops Shooting Program.

Why Should You Trust Brian Morris?

He is a weapon guru. It’s not once that Brian has served as the sniping operations. In fact, if you analyze carefully the way he crafts the eBooks, you’ll discover an open emphasis on the mental approach to marksmanship. It is as if the sharp shooting is an inborn character to him. You cannot err, you cannot miss, you must win with the skills he craftily imparts in you through his ingenious program.

He has won various noble awards throughout his military service. Brian has three honorable medals from the military faculty of the United States of America. First is the Bronze Medal, then the Army Commendation Medal and lastly, the Joint Service Commendation Medal. Only high-ranking and well-regarded individuals attain the three altogether.

His objective is to improve personal defense rather than make money out of it. The rich content you garner from reading his books is invaluable. In fact, the amount you pay for the books is incomparable to the amount of effort and time that he dedicated to putting the program together. In simple words, the improvement you gain in your shooting skill is dramatic.

He owns a reputable security consultancy firm. Even after retirement, Brian still engaged in matters security but now on a private endeavor. Currently, he is the CEO of SF24 Solutions which assesses threats and provides mitigation measures to high-risk travel agencies. He has also been featured on many radio shows.

Our Verdict

In a review of the above, we can, therefore, confidently recommend Spec Ops Shooting program and any other book that Brian Morris has worked so hard to develop. In short, you can trust him.


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