Green Beret Home Defense Spec Ops Shooting Bonuses
Green Beret Home Defense
June 21, 2017
The Gunsmith’s Handbook
The Gunsmith’s Handbook
June 21, 2017

Front Line First Aid

Front Line First Aid: Spec Ops Shooting

Many people have good first aid knowledge but are you able to handle a life-threatening gunshot wound? What if your face is squirting blood or your loved one has a deep wound?

In this bonus guide, you’ll be taught the three main types of bullet wounds and how you can deal with them;

  1. Head wounds- fortunately, not all bullet-caused head injuries can lead to death or loss of memory. Many people have recovered after bullets skull penetrations. However, this is because they got the right kind of first aid treatment.
  2. Abdominal wounds- these wounds requires quick response since they tend to bleed profusely.
  3. Sucking chest wounds- these also calls for great caution and quick response.

In this bonus course, you’ll learn;

  • Measures to control and stop bleeding so as to boost survival chances of the victim
  • How you can stabilize a victim
  • Tips for preventing wound infection and speeding up wound healing as well as other complications
  • Fireman’s Carry technique that will show an easier way to pick up and carry a person to safety

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